Carmela Restaurants.
real gluten-free with love Mediterranean in Granada

Carmela Restaurants.
real gluten-free with love Mediterranean in Granada

Kitchen always ready for you

Ready, set, Yum... What would you like to eat and at what time? It doesn’t matter what you are thinking because at Carmela Restaurants the answer is always yes. Our kitchens are open from opening to closing, without interruption. This means that you can enjoy our delicacies at any time of the day, without rushing.

A freshly made paella in the middle of the afternoon? It is possible. A tapa at gin and tonic time? Also. We are ready to satisfy your appetite because it is your time, your choice, your experience. That’s why our kitchen is always ready for you.

What do you feel like?

If you don’t feel like doing the same thing every day, why do you insist on eating the same thing every day? In Carmela Gastronomic Group we make it easy for you: choose the restaurant you want to go to depending on what you want to eat. From spoon dishes to the freshest fried fish, to the authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Book your table now and discover five different styles of cuisine that share the same personality: Carmela’s (warm, quality). It doesn’t matter what you feel like because we always have everything ready for you to come and see us. All you have to do is answer… What is your body asking for today?

Mediterranean flavor

From the sea to the table

Grandma's cooking

The Italy of a lifetime

A 100% gluten-free Italian


“La Nonna Carmela… spectacular. All 100% gluten free. Pasta and pizzas very successful, nothing to envy to those with gluten. Great service, as in all Carmelas. Good value for money, and in the middle of Bib-rambla square.”

Isabel Sanchez’s Google comment about La Nonna

Proximity product,
quality ingredients

At Carmela Restaurants we love to bring you closer to the very essence of food: authentic and local flavors that make you feel at home. Our dedication to quality begins with our choice of ingredients sourced from passionate local producers. Every dish we serve is a reflection of this connection to the community and commitment to what is genuine.

We invite you to discover the simple pleasure of enjoying good food. Craving authentic Mediterranean flavor? Do you prefer to immerse yourself in the warmth of traditional spoon cuisine? Would you like fried fish or seafood? Or are you having a pizza and panna cotta day? You decide, we are here to make your choice delicious and full of authenticity.

Come and experience the magic of local ingredients, where each dish tells a real story of quality and proximity. When are you coming?


“Wonderful. They went out of their way to get us a table at the last minute. They also have a great variety of dishes suitable for celiacs. The food was spectacular. It is worth mentioning that the Russian salad with shrimp …. is great!!!! Great service, I recommend it 100%”.

Anna Quinn’s comment on Google, about La Aut√©ntica

All the flavor.
Gluten free.

We know that celiac disease should not stop you from enjoying a good meal. Imagine savoring every bite without worry, immersing yourself in a gastronomic experience that preserves all the flavor and authenticity you love.

Well, that’s exactly what happens at Carmela Restaurants: from fried foods to rice dishes, fish, pasta or pizzas, each dish is carefully prepared to offer you a gluten-free experience without giving up the essence of flavor.

Why deprive yourself of the pleasure of cooking when you can enjoy it gluten-free? Experience the delight of an unrestricted dining experience, where every bite is a celebration regardless of your dietary needs.

When will you join us to discover that celiac disease is not a problem at Carmela Restaurants?

We know that dealing with celiac disease can raise concerns when it comes to choosing where to eat. At Carmela Restaurants we want you to feel not only welcome, but completely safe. Our commitment to gluten-free cuisine goes beyond the label; it is a promise of care and attention to your needs. From fried foods to pasta and pizza options, every dish is created with your well-being in mind. So, if you have ever hesitated to visit us, let us dispel any fears.


“We have been tonight and we found it spectacular. Everything we ordered was really very good (the shrimp omelette brutal). We will definitely repeat, especially to try the chocolate croquette that they were out of.”

Roc√≠o’s comment on Google, about El Pesca√≠to

Privileged location

The locations of the Carmela Restaurants are strategically located in the heart of the historic center of Granada, each with its own unique charm.

From the charm of dining at the foot of the Alhambra to the cozy atmosphere of the emblematic Jewish quarter, each place invites you to explore the cultural richness of Granada while enjoying the most authentic cuisines.

Because at Carmela Restaurants, good food merges with the very essence of this historic city.

Crocre... crocre...

At Carmela Restaurants croquettes are more than a dish: they are a unique culinary experience. Each of our restaurants has perfected its own specialty croquettes, offering you a range of irresistible flavors and textures.

From the classic and creamy ham croquettes at La Auténtica to the delicious gluten-free options at El Pescaíto, we invite you to embark on a gastronomic journey that will take you to discover the art of good croquettes in every corner of Granada.

If you are a lover of this dish (who doesn’t like a croquette?), we challenge you to try them all. Embark on a tour of our restaurants and let yourself be seduced by the diversity of flavors we offer. And if you have celiac disease, don’t worry. You’ll also find croquette options to suit every palate, regardless of your dietary needs.

Come and try them all!

Imagine the delicate crunch of the golden topping, yielding to an explosion of softness and creaminess inside. Each bite is a journey of exquisite textures that mingle on your palate. From the first crunchy impression to the unforgettable aftertaste of each filling, Carmela’s croquettes are a dance of flavors. You can’t eat just one, can you?


“Summary: Absolutely top place!

I had heard about Carmela’s Spoon several times and have finally been able to personally taste why it has so many great recommendations.”

Comment from Justine Charlet on Google, about La Cuchara

Unique personality

At the heart of Carmela Restaurants lies the very essence of our cuisine: Carmela, a woman with an innate ability to transform simple ingredients into meals you always want to repeat. Inspired by her passion and dedication, each of the dishes at Carmela’s Restaurants carries with it the personal touch and warmth that only she could instill.

Carmela is not only the origin of everything; she is the soul that drives our cuisine. His love for authenticity, his skill in preparation and his spectacular taste are reflected in every corner of our restaurants. Each recipe is a tribute to his legacy, a constant reminder that the true magic of food lies in the love with which it is cooked.

We feel fortunate to carry on his way of cooking and transmit his unique personality through our dishes. And that you come and try them to discover that essence.

Every time you enjoy our creations, you are experiencing the poetry contained in every movement of these magical hands, the essence that has made Carmela Restaurants what it is today. Her hands wove stories into every meal she prepared. We can only honor his memory with every dish we serve you.

Work at Carmela

Are you passionate about the world of gastronomy and looking for a place where your talent is valued? At Carmela Restaurants we are always looking for passionate people. Join us!


“Incredible experience. The diavola pizza with its delicious dough and the carbonara pasta with exceptional taste make this a totally recommendable place. Good service. 5 stars well deserved!”

David Castillo’s Google comment about La Piccola

We tell you interesting things

Enter a virtual corner where gastronomy meets diversity and culture. We invite you to explore not only the delicacies you will find at Carmela Restaurants, but also to discover special events, solidarity initiatives and everything that makes up the vibrant universe of the Carmela family.

At Carmela Restaurants, making a reservation for your group is a simple and convenient process. You can secure your ideal space for the celebration through our website or, if you prefer personalized attention, we are also at your disposal by phone. Whatever your choice, we want you to feel confident planning moments with us.

Are you coming in a group? Perfect!

At Carmela Restaurants, joy is multiplied when we share special moments as a group. Do you have a celebration, a family reunion or just want to enjoy an evening with friends? We invite you to book with us and make your meeting a relaxed experience full of good times. You will find cozy and versatile spaces ideal for you to feel at home while enjoying the company of your loved ones.

We are proud to make you feel at home. From the planning to the last toast, we are committed to making your group celebration an exceptional experience. Enjoy the hospitality and delicious gastronomic offerings that characterize our restaurants. Book now and let us be part of your next celebration. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Any questions?

At Carmela Restaurants we are proud to offer delicious and safe options for those who follow a gluten-free diet. In each of our establishments, you will find gluten-free dishes that maintain the authenticity and characteristic flavor of our cuisine. From Pescaíto to La Nonna, we are committed to providing an inclusive dining experience for all our diners.

Our chefs take great care to carefully select certified gluten-free ingredients and to ensure cooking practices that prevent cross-contamination. In addition, if you have specific dietary needs or questions about our gluten-free dishes, our staff will be happy to assist you and customize your experience for maximum enjoyment.

Of course! At Carmela Restaurants we love to host large groups and corporate events. We have versatile and cozy spaces that can be adapted to your specific needs. From family celebrations to business meetings, our team is ready to ensure your experience is exceptional.

Let us know what you need and we will strive to make your event memorable, providing you with tailored menu options and making sure your group enjoys their time at Carmela Restaurants to the fullest.

Of course it is! We understand the importance of offering varied options to suit all tastes and preferences, so our menus include delicious vegetarian and vegan options that highlight the freshness of the ingredients and the diversity of Mediterranean cuisine.

From La Piccola to El Pescaíto, our chefs have created carefully crafted dishes that capture the essence of the vegetarian and vegan diet, while maintaining the authenticity and flavor that characterizes us. If you have specific requests or would like more information about our vegetarian and vegan options, our staff will be happy to assist you and make sure you enjoy a unique and satisfying dining experience.